Origins of Art

My first solo, an exhibition at the Anise Gallery in Shad Thames, London. This show was an exploration on the notion that the earliest artistic impulses involved recognising and ascribing value to objects that we find around us. There is something innate in the human condition which compels us to bring precious things into our homes to present and preserve them. For millennia, human homes have contained areas in which to display the things we value, much like in Jim Eades House at Kettles Yard.

Muir is Tir, Artist Residency

In 2017, very shortly after graduating, I took part in a Residency co-hosted by Sail Britain and An Lanntair. ‘Muir is Tìr’ was a ten-day programme exploring the cultural heritage and identity of the Outer Hebrides, and the extraordinary beauty of the island landscape from land and sea. Muir is Tìr uses the land and seascapes as a venue and research arena, offering a window into the language and culture of the islands through an involved and participatory approach.

For the first five out of ten days we worked together closely while learning to sail. This was a new way of working for me and, of course, exploring the coastline and islands of Scotland. It was an extraordinary experience that gave me time for reflection, observation and contemplation in a unique environment. Sailing on a boat with five other artists who you don’t know is a definite way to challenge yourself, but I thrived off of the experience and was able to collect valuable rare objects, take a variety of pictures and make drawings whilst on the sea and land. At the end of it, not only had I experienced a wonderful ten days of meeting new like-minded artists, but I had also travelled around the coastline of some of the most beautiful corners of our earth. I felt liberated free and refreshed. In September 2018, we put on a group exhibition at An Lanntair, which was on show between 1st September – 6th October. To read more about my time at sea, please follow the link to my feature in Oceanographic Magazine.

Degree Show, 2017

In 2017 I graduated from my BA Hons in Painting & Printmaking. For my final show I created a closing cabinet of curiosity, a large framed mono print, a glass vitrine full of river water and found objects, a resin cast of river materials and a series of prints displayed with the printed items themselves. This was the beginning of a much larger project and it has led me to where I am now. I am fascinated with the found object, the history and story it has to tell. For this project I worked with local archeologist and we did a series of surface collections from the river. These items were then categorised, documented and presented. I took archaeological methodologies to display and curate my exhibition.

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