‘Intense awareness of the environmental beauty normally comes as a sudden revelation…Homely and even drab scenes can reveal aspects of themselves that went unnoticed before, and this new insight into the real is sometimes experienced as beauty.’ (Tuan, Yi-Fu, Topophilia, 1930)

I am an artist. My practice includes printmaking, sculpture, creating installations, photography, painting, collecting and repurposing. My work has always been inspired by the natural world. I explore, I collect and I give life back to objects that have been disregarded and lost. My work celebrates material, both natural and manmade, and I enjoy displaying my work in a way which make it feel understandable and accessible. I am interested in art within a domestic setting and why people choose to fill their homes with memorabilia, collections, and souvenirs. My cabinet pieces aim to reconnect people with the past, with place, with nature, much of which they may have lost sight of in a time of rapid change and disposability. For my degree show in 2017 I collaborated with archaeologists who helped me explore and realise this process, using objects I found in the River Kelvin in Glasgow.

As part of my MA and on-going practice I am examining the psychology of collecting, why we collect and whether it may have been the first form of art; whether collecting is an essential and intrinsic part of the human experience in that it allows the individual to express their identity through the selection and presentation of objects. My work aims to celebrate, inform, and through play, discover, an understanding of the world around me.

Having supported myself while studying from a young age, I am well aware of the hard work and drive needed to become a successful artist, especially when emerging from a place of few opportunities. I have always sought therapeutic escape in the natural world and spend most of my time out there gathering inspiration and material, which is reflected in my art. Combining manmade and natural found objects I create cabinets of curiosity in the hope of re-connecting humanity with itself.

I am currently living and studying in London, looking to develop my creative network, gain commercial experience and exhibit externally.