Artist & Printmaker

About me

My work has always been inspired by the natural world and I have enjoyed exploring new ways in which to display my work and collections. I am interested in art within a domestic setting and why people choose to fill their homes with memorabilia, collections, and souvenirs. My cabinet pieces in particular aim to reconnect people with place, with the past and with nature, which they may have lost sight of in a time of rapid change and disposability. For the last two years I have been exploring the banks of the Thames and studying bones found on the foreshore. As part of my on-going practice I am examining the psychology of collecting, why we collect and if was in fact the first form of art; whether it is an essential and intrinsic part of the human experience in that it allows the individual to express their identity through the selection and presentation of objects. By combining manmade and natural found objects into my work, I hope to re-connect humanity with itself.



London, UK

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